In 1998, when the first issue of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern appeared, the idea was to stick around for a year or two—to collect the very best work we could, from the finest writers working at the end of the last century, and then to disappear amid some millennial cataclysm. Instead, we’ve grown and grown—the tail end of 2013 will bring with it the forty-fifth issue of our quarterly, the one-hundred-and-third issue of the Believer, a gorgeous 600-page anthology of some of the most remarkable stories we’ve found to date, and, of course, here in our hometown of San Francisco, the greatest fifteenth birthday party ever thrown by any publishing company, anywhere.**

Even fifteen years in, though, when our readers could be forgiven for thinking that canny early investments in Monster Beverage or Westinghouse Air Brakes have long ago put us beyond any need of external support, the truth is that we are no less and no more than an independent publishing house. And because no millennial cataclysm seems imminent, and we’d like to continue to grow and flourish, we’re stepping outside the bounds of our own scruffy e-commerce portal, and launching a crowdfunded subscription drive and birthday sale. There are new things here—totes, subscription bundles, new experiences, and deep discounts—you’ll never see anywhere else, ever. And we believe this can be the most successful campaign of its kind. Percentage-wise.

We wanted to raise $15. But we’ve since exceeded that goal. Can we, perhaps, reach 1,000 percent of it? 10,000, 100,000 percent? 1,000,000 percent? We don’t know; we were raised in simpler times, when crowds were to be avoided because we were shy, and didn’t want to get separated from one another. But we’re strong now, and tall, and excited to find out what we can achieve together. Every subscription signed up for here, every tote bag snagged and Best Of bought, will propel us all into Internet history.

So here’s to the past, and the present, and a far longer future together,


PS! Don’t miss our first campaign video. In which we decide we can’t stop now. No, we’re never stopping. Or at least not now.

* Maybe. Percentage-wise.

** At which there will be live music, and snacking, and special guests, and dancing, and also mostly civil conversation. More birthday party details are here—and warmest thanks to our sponsors at Uber, Speakeasy, Scribe Organic Vineyards, and Mission Chinese.

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